Used by Police and Fire Brigades
•   Suitable for toughened and float glass
•   Massive 60 degree strike angle range
•   Finger guard for added protection
•   Multiple impact strike heads
•   Hardened coated steel strike tips
•   Ability to break up to 6 mm thick glazing
•   Up to 5 times heavier than vehicle hammers
•   Huge impact & torque strength
•   Large grip and knuckle area
•   High melt point materials
•   Mount to walls or steel bulkheads
•   Manufactured using high grade materials
•   Impervious to oil, water & chemicals
•   Pushes glass away on impact
•   For single and double glazing
•  Use in homes, offices, buildings, vehicles etc
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Emergency hammers for single & double glazing
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As important as your smoke detector & fire alarm system
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Tested by Fire & Rescue teams
Lancashire Fire
and Rescue Service
Issued with home safety packs
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Should you be in any doubt about the dangers of fire please view this video clip Escape from fire
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Lifeaxe multi-point emergency hammers for single & double glazing
Developed following harrowing reports of deaths and injuries caused by entrapment behind locked or sealed windows
Help protect your friends, family, loved ones and work colleagues with this amazing new safety product
The only emergency hammer available to break single and double glazing in a fire situation
1000’s already installed

Fire can breakout in any room at any time, day or night…

Double glazed windows are extremely difficult to break which could leave you trapped if the worst should happen.

The Lifeaxe can easily be mounted to walls or vehicle bulkheads with the holder provided.

Use in homes, hotels, commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, colleges, rental  properties, boats

vehicles & caravans.

The Lifeaxe is patented and covered by International design copyright

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